Carol Gockel

Carol is the founder of C Transformations. She started the business after overcoming adversity.

From contemplating suicide to picking herself out of the rut forms the confidence lady blueprint she uses to journey with her clients.

She has spoken at various organizations, Institutions & events.  

Carol was handpicked to co-author her first book “Breakthrough”, with World's Number 1 Motivational Speaker, Les Brown. Which has sold copies in USA, Europe, Africa, Australia and Singapore. She has shared her story of Rising From The Ashes.  

As a change maker, Carol contributes her time and serves in People Stories Foundation that keeps rural Cambodian children, especially young girls, in academic education. She believes in empowering youths and women of the community with knowledge and experiences beyond school to effect positive change and build a better world for future generations.  

What most don’t know is that for many years, she struggled with Low Self Esteem & Self-Doubt; bullied in school and suffered post traumatic stress from 13 years of psychological abuse, left for dead with a 6-figure debt by her ex-husband and was Suicidal. She was overlooked, disrespected and treated with condescending behaviour for being a female in a male dominated industry in her corporate jobs. Her personal experience in those situation fueled her passion to support and lift women up.  

At the age of 19, she witheld her age to get a job as an instructor for deportment to models and pageant participants to make money to support herself through school. 

She had been ridiculed for being married to a Caucasian, Carol is traditional woman at heart, opting to change her surname to her husband's as a gesture to her in-laws; a show of commitment to be a member of their family and that they had gained a daughter from the union, instead of losing a son who had moved half way across the world for love.  

An advocate in celebrating body confidence, Carol did a Boudoir shoot to mark a milestone in her age and finally being comfortable in her own skin. A bit to show her clients if she can let it all hang out, anyone can own their confidence.  

Carol founded C Transformations with a coaching blueprint to help women grow their confidence and to become a leader in their lives. She is now a Community Leader of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 200,000 women across the region, with presence in 7 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  

“ Don't let the lie of inadequacy fool you” ~ Carol Gockel, C Transformations

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